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[singing softly]

Schoolbag in hand, she leaves home in the early morning,
Waving goodbye, with an absent-minded smile.
I watch her go with a surge of that well-known sadness,
And I have to sit down for a while…


i’m posting an early mun picture bc i went strawberry picking today. and wore a dress. and a bow. which doesn’t happen often. so… yes.

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Giving the boy an awkward smile, she shook her head. “Not…really no,” she answered, but then hesitating. “Well…I-I have been kinda lonely, I guess…”

“Ah, well, I am sorry to hear that…”

“If you’d like, you and I can hang out? I don’t know how much it’ll help, but…?”

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She nodded a bit and slowly moved towards the host. “A-alright,” she murmured. “I’m Ishiko.”

“Well, it is a pleasure to meet you, Ishiko,” he said, bowing his head to her. “I am Takashi Morinozuka.”

“Having any troubles lately?”

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“Come talk to papa Takashi. Tell me all that ails you.”

The brown haired girl looked a bit confused. “Um…I-I um…” she stuttered, unable to actually speak to him.

Takashi glanced over at the girl, before offering her a kind smile and motioning her over. “Come. Talk to me.”

“Come talk to papa Takashi. Tell me all that ails you.”



"Hi, Senpai."

“Ah, Tamaki. How are you?”

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-Long time no see, nyu…-

“Indeed,” He said with a small nod. “How have you been, little one?”

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“Hello, all.”


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Having thought the stranger in front of her was an old friend from school, Kyou tapped their shoulder. Unfortunately for her when the person before her turned she realized that she had been mistaken.

"Sorry about that. I thought you were someone else."

Takashi wasn’t sure what he was supposed to be doing. He was in the middle of the shopping district, a somewhat crushed To-Do list in hand, and he was… so not going to even bother with the fourth item on the thing. His mother had, for some reason he just did not understand, listed picking up her… delicate laundry, and as much as he loved her and gave into her every wish, that had been one thing he just would not be doing. Even the minor thought of his mothers delicates made him break out in a sweat. No, he couldn’t do it. Wouldn’t do it. She was crazy.

He had been wrapped up in an inner debate where part of him was actually not wanting to disobey his matriarch, when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Snapping out of it, and realizing that he was still in the middle of a crowded street, Takashi took a glance down. “Hm?” It seemed that as soon as he did, the girl had already started apologizing. “Oh, it’s okay.” He told her. “No harm done.”

Shoving his list in his pocket, he turned his full attention to the poker, his brows pulling together slightly. Now that she’d mentioned him looking familiar, he felt that he could say the same for her. There was something about her that was vaguely familiar to him. Like he’d seen her before. Or, at least, a picture of her before.


For a moment, Kotomi just stood there and watched him. She had stopped by for a surprise visit, but hadn’t expected to see him in front of the rose bush with a pile of petals in his lap. Judging by the amount of petals, he’d been there for quite some time… Kotomi tilted her head to one side. But why…? Did he really need flower petals to tell him that she loved him…? She sincerely hoped not… But just in case, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She stepped forward, crossing into the garden and coming up behind her lover. Once he was within reach, she waited until he had just said another ‘she loves me not’ before she slipped her arms around his shoulder, wrapping him in a warm hug. “…She loves you…” she whispered into his ear. “…Very much…” 


Takashi was, of course, surprised by the sudden contact. He had, for so long, been sitting in his private dream world, and he had pretty much forgotten there was a whole world around him. That was, until his beloved had brought him back down to earth. Almost as if she had walked out of his very own dream, Kotomi had appeared and slid her slender arms around him, she light scent of her shampoo hitting his nose as the wind gently blew at her hair. “Of course she does,” he found himself whispering, face turning in an attempt to place his gaze upon her. “And he loves her very much as well.”

Dropping the naked stem onto his lap, Takashi lifted his hands so that they cupped hers. “Have you been here long?” He asked, thumbs running over her small fingers. “I have been a little out of it.” As she could probably see.

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